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Our Gallery of Designer and Bridal Jewellery

I have designed and created these pieces featuring the products found on the website, which appear in the product list in bold print.

Gallery 1
This is a perfect piece for a bride or a special night out.

Gallery 2
This bracelet gets a lot of attention every time I wear it and I wear it often.

Gallery 3
This is a pretty variation on the classic knotted pearl necklace.

Gallery 4
This pretty necklace compliments multiple colours due to the peacock pearls. The intricate detailing of the handmade sterling silver beads and components add interest.

Gallery 5
This sweet bracelet is very feminine.

Gallery 6
I had a bride in mind when I designed this piece, but I often wear it with jeans. I offer other colours of Swarovski crytals in the kit version as I thought this could be a good bridemaid gift to match to their dress colour.

Gallery 7
This necklace can be worn doubled, but I prefer to wear it as a single long strand.

Gallery 8
I love the new highly tarnish resistant silver products that have become available in the last few years, and they open up new possibilities with pearl/silver combinations. This bracelet is made with Brilliante wire and sheet, argentium wire and pearls.

Gallery 9
This necklace combines faceted chalcedony briolettes, faceted amethyst rondelles and pearls..

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